The Philosophy of BloodBorne – PhiloSoGaming

With the highly technical prodigy of the original Souls games called Bloodborne, the rabid lore community that built around Dark Souls had a field day with the mid-game reveal of Eldritch, Lovcraftian horrors plaguing this world of werewolves and witches. But, as it always the case for the Souls-Formula for narrative structure, fascination is highContinue reading “The Philosophy of BloodBorne – PhiloSoGaming”

Bartle’s Taxonomy in Sword Art Online – PhilosAnime

Remember when Sword art online was good? No really, it was. I can hear you laughing and spitting in anger at the thought, but hear me out. Like a lot of you, my current opinion is that Sword Art Online is a steaming pile of a middle school kid’s power fantasy. Its attempt to reachContinue reading “Bartle’s Taxonomy in Sword Art Online – PhilosAnime”

The Philosophy of The Witcher Geralt by CD Projekt Red – PhiloSoGaming

The Witcher is a game series that I have spent a luxurious amount of time with over the years. I was first introduced to The Witcher by watching a YouTubber and Mod-Author called ‘Gopher’ play through the first two games on his channel. I finished watching these Let’s Plays in time for the release ofContinue reading “The Philosophy of The Witcher Geralt by CD Projekt Red – PhiloSoGaming”

The Philosophy of Axiom Verge – PhiloSoGaming

Before we get into this, let me just say that this game was amazing, and if you have not played it is well worth the investment. The mysterious, cyber-horror aesthetic, the sudden feeling of depth when looking at some of the backgrounds, and the exponential feeling of escalation you get as you obtain new weaponsContinue reading “The Philosophy of Axiom Verge – PhiloSoGaming”

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